It takes an entire community

The magic of TEDxHouston emerges from the synergetic efforts of inspiring people who take time out from their busy mornings, afternoons and evenings to plan, organize, design, serve, manage, interview, email, speak, bake, fold, recycle, draw, walk, run, prepare, wrangle and execute an event which can truly reach and change the world.

It's hard to convey in words how amazing it is to see a not-for-profit event of this nature come to life. 100% made in Houston, by a community that gives 110%...we could not be more honored to collaborate with each and every one of you. We are forever grateful.

Lead by Inspiring Houstonians

  • Ahshia Berry
  • Ashley Fadul
  • Candace Kizer
  • David Buehrer
  • Eddie Gonzalez-Novoa
  • Erma Tijerina
  • Erica Billings
  • Gibson Hall
  • Gika Rector
  • Gina Miller
  • Grace Rodriguez
  • Guillermo Mendoza
  • Harvey English
  • Hussain Ali
  • Jackie deMontmollin
  • Jacob Hebert
  • Javier Fadul
  • Kara Gray
  • Katy Holton
  • Lise Bohn
  • Meera Raghavendra
  • Melissa Ragsdale Darragh
  • Nuria Seijas
  • Payal Patel
  • Paul Pettie
  • Rashaad Abu-Hamdan
  • Rosalind Wyatt
  • Sami Khaleeq
  • Shawna Forney
  • Sean Boyd
  • Susan Hanley
  • Taffi Gillani
  • Tim deSilva
  • Vicki Davison

Curated by:

  • Javier Fadul
    Experience Coordinator+
  • Kara Gray
    Creative Lead+
  • Tim DeSilva
  • Grace Rodriguez
    Strategy Lead+