It takes an entire community

The magic of TEDxHouston emerges from the synergetic efforts of inspiring people who take time out from their busy mornings, afternoons and evenings to plan, organize, design, serve, manage, interview, email, speak, bake, fold, recycle, draw, walk, run, prepare, wrangle and execute an event which can truly reach and change the world.

It's hard to convey in words how amazing it is to see a not-for-profit event of this nature come to life. 100% made in Houston, by a community that gives 110%...we could not be more honored to collaborate with each and every one of you. We are forever grateful.

Lead by Inspiring Professionals

  • Adam Yock
  • Ahshia Berry
  • Aimee Woodall
  • Andrew Karnavas
  • Andrew Seifert
  • Arthur Kaplun
  • Ashley Whitney
  • Brooke Browne
  • Candace Kizer
  • Chris Valdez
  • Colleen Brady
  • Corben Nichols
  • David Brown
  • Erin Relford
  • Fariha Husain
  • Geraldine Carezis
  • Gika Rector
  • Gina Miller
  • Harvey English
  • Hesam Panahi
  • Jana Jackson
  • JulĂ© Carruth
  • Karen Aptekar
  • Karina Eisner
  • Kelsey Ruger
  • Kevin Yu
  • Lise Bohn
  • Matthew Wettergreen
  • Meera Raghavendra
  • Meg Belmontes
  • Michael Graves
  • Mike Trozzo
  • Mitesh Patel
  • Monica Danna
  • Norma Catlin Thomson
  • Praveena Lakshmanan
  • Rachel Bush
  • Roby Fitzhenry
  • Ron Miraflores
  • Rosalind A. Wyatt
  • Salomon Dayan
  • Sami Khaleeq
  • Shawn Lacagnina
  • Stacia Taylor
  • Steve Sheeran
  • Taffi Gillani
  • Tiffani Davidson
  • Tim Thomson
  • Tom Michael

Curated by:

  • Javier Fadul
    Experience Coordinator+
  • Kara Matheny
    Creative Lead+
  • Tim DeSilva
  • Grace Rodriguez
    Strategy Lead+