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Much like all of us, TEDxHouston runs on energy (tea or coffee?), friendship (online or off?), brainstorming (alone or together?), rest (or lack of rest?), and an undying need to continue learning from and educating those around us.

Why Sponsor TEDxHouston? For a chance to take part in the creation of a stronger community who believe in the power of Ideas Worth Spreading.

We believe in bringing together companies and individuals who want to be change agents surrounding remarkable thinking and ideas. Above all, we want to leverage ideas, technologies, design, and education to help create a better future.

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Adil Jafry
Alexander Hordge
Alfred Cervantes
Andrew L. J. Bose
Angela DeSilva
Angela Stauder
Angelo Palma
Anita Perez
Anita Vyas
Ann Taylor
Anthony Compofelice
Anthony Oaks
Aswinee Rath
Audrey Omenson
Beyond Her Productions
Blooming You
Brandy Obvintsev
Brian Dawson
Brian Tandy
Brigitte Zabak
Callison Alcott
Carlin Tran
Cassye D. Cook
Charles Smith
Christina Uticone
Christine Stevens
Christopher Davidson
Christopher Stappen
Colleen Brady
Corey Prator
Crystal Jackson
Cynthia Brum
DJC National, Inc.
Daniel Hammerman
Daniel Lynton/Lynton Web LLC
Dean Peckenpaugh
Denise L. Lanier
Diana Hernandez
Dianne Reece
Donovan Buck
Douglas Beatty
Elaine Lupovitch
Elissa Flores
Elizabeth Earle
Emily Ledbetter
Energy People Connect
Enrique Gomez
Eric C. Botts
Evie Smith
First Place Supply
Frances Parker
Franny Oxford
Frederic Rechlin
Gary Ward
Geralyn Graham
Gisela Parker
Grace Rodriguez
Ian Garrett
James M. Willis
Jason Armstrong
Jason Rodriguez
Javier Fadul
Jeffrey Reichman
Jerrod Poss
Joan Gelfond
Jody Gillit
John C. Taylor
John Ellis
John Jackson
John McCann
Joniti Bolles
Julie Dokell
Kara Matheny
Karen Koch
Karen Love-Werner
Katherine Frank
Katherine Sunstrom
Katie Rushin
Katie Sunstrom
Kelly Gray
Ken Matheny
Kenneth W. Seewald
Kimberly Wescott
Kristin Scheel
Lise Bohn
Lucido Ponce
Luis Ossorio
Malay Vyas
Margaret Matheny
Mark Cartwright
Mark Douglas
Mary Ward
Matthew Wettergreen
Melanie Villegas
Michael Bolton
Michael Falick
Michael Quigley
Mike Trozzo
Mona Currey
Monkey Do Collective
Nancy Wozny
Natalia Reynolds
Nicola Parente
Nicole Ferweda
Noel Rushin
P. G. Paratore III
Patricia Ligon
Paula Puffer
People Possibilities
Pier A. Palma
R. Shon Bower
Rainey Knudson
Raissa Evans
Rakesh Agrawal
Richard Armstrong
Richard Carter
Robert Carleton
Robert Hankinson
S. B. Landau
Sarah Doty
Sarah Gabbart
Saurabh Bansal
Shannon Bryant
Sheila Jobe
Starfall Graphics
Stephanie Dubois
Stephanie Porto
Stephennie Anderson
Steven Crabtree
Steven Rader
Susie Brown
Suzanne Rainey Knudson
Taffi Gillani
Tara Kelly
Terri Golas
The Clifford Group inc.
Theodore Law
Thomas C. Oster
Tracy Terrell
Tulaa Solutions
Virginia Kelsey
Vivek Singh
We Eatt LLC
Whim Designs
William Lagal
William White
Zack Bigner