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Much like all of us, TEDxHouston runs on energy (tea or coffee?), friendship (online or off?), brainstorming (alone or together?), rest (or lack of rest?), and an undying need to continue learning from and educating those around us. None of which would be possible without help from Houston's upstanding organizations.

Sponsorship packages are available at several levels. TEDxHouston will create partnership awareness with participants via name, logo and website links on Event Marketing Materials such as Program Guides, Posters, Press Releases, and right here on our Website.

TEDxHouston Sponsors

Thank you for your Contribution!

We'd like to extend a huge thank you to the following contributors who are taking part in the creation of a stronger community and who believe in the power of Expanding Perceptions.

Rakesh Agrawal
Adela Aguilar
Lisa Albrecht
Ruth Alkons Wolinsky
Hussain Ali
Cezar Andrei
Jason Armstrong
Keiji Asakura
The Bamboo Group
Alvin Barber
Jeremey Barrett
Jeffery Bell
Carmen Bermudez
Zack Bigner
Will Blumentritt
Jonti Bolles
Sal Bonaccorso
Andrew Bose
Crystal Bourque
Jessica Brand
Donovan Buck
Geoff Carleton
Alfred Cervantes
Ping-Chou Chen
Violet Chen
Eric Chiang
Jeffrey Chapman
Pagogh Cho
Claire School of Dance
Katherine Colin
Mathis Conner
Jenny Conte
Kathi Crawford
Scott Cutler
Petri Darby
Vipul Devluk
David Dinh
Justice Diven
Ted Duchesne
Elizabeth Earle
George Eggleston
Harvey English
Raissa Evans
Evan Everett
Karen Farber
Erin Blatzer Flis
David Forrest
FCS Photos
Lindsey George
Vinay George
Naji Ghorayeb
Jonathon Glus
Will Golden
Enrique Gomez
Geralyn Graham
Kelly Gray
Martin Griggs
Andrea Grover
April Guzik
Jessica Hampson
Tim Hansen
Andras Heczey
Paule Hewlett
Mark Hiebert
Ginger Hildebrand
Nicole Hooper
Laura Hrehor
Crystal Jackson
Jessica Jennings
Saurin Jhaveri
Dan Joyce
Larry Kahn
Tara Kelly
John Yong Jo Kim
Michael King
Kate Kirkpatrick
Candace Kizer
Carla Knobloch
Julie Koch
Benjamin Konosky
Elaine W Krause

Ralph Krog
Katie Laird
Carlos Lama
Sorcha Landau
Denise Lanier
David Leftwich
Christyna Lewis
Sylvia Madajewski
Kara Matheny
Ken Matheny
Peg Matheny
John McCann
Brigid McVaugh
Liz Meadows
Brenda Meyer
Jennifer Metze
William Miller
Chris Mullins
Cheryl Murray
Marc Nathan
Mary Ochoa
Thomas Oster
Franny Oxford
Thomas Palmer
Frances Parker
Ronak Patel
Shailesh Patel
Jason Peltier
Lucido Ponce-Mejia
Cherie Price
Margaret Proctor
Jessica Pugil
Michael Quigley
Theresa Quintanilla
Steve Rader
Frederic Rechlin
Gika Rector
Jeff Reichman
Joshua Rizzo
Margaret Robinson
Amber Rodriguez
Heather Rowell
David Rubin
Katie Rushin
Noel Rushin
Sarah Schoger
Daryl Schuck
Wayne Seewald
Ann Shaw
Cliff Simpson
MaryBeth Smith
Cody Stewart
Vivek Singh
Jenni Stephenson
Charlie Taylor
Anjali Thakur-Khawaja
Tim Thomson
Linda Thurman
Robin Tooms
Sergio Tuberquia
Christina Uticone
Chris Valdez
Jerome Vielman
Paul Viscontini
David Vo
Pankaj Wadhwa
Ramon West
Juston Western
Lowell Whited
Ashley Whitney
Randolph Wile
James Winslett
Jon Winters
Dilek Wise
Nancy Wozny
Gregory Young
Brigitte Zabak